Tracking Your Container For Free.

UASC Tracking provide a third part uasc container tracking system. With our container tracking system, you can get a real-time trace of your uasc container.

Follow the below step to track your UASC Container:

First, click the “Track” button on the right sidebar.

Second, enter UASC Container Tracking number in the box, which should have format XXXU1234567, shipping company will be selected automatically when possible.

Third, get real-time trace of your UASC Tracking.

About UASC

United Arab Shipping Company was established in July 1976; jointly by six shareholding Arab states of the Persian Gulf (Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E). The UASC is headquartered in the State of Kuwait with a Corporate Office in Dubai, providing regional servicing for the Middle East and west Africa region from Dubai, the European region from London, the Far East and Australia region from Singapore, and the North American region from Cranford – New Jersey.

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